What is the secret to growing a multimillion-dollar multifamily syndication business? The strategy that has worked for my team, allowing us to raise MILLIONS in just a few days, starts with building an online thought leadership platform.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I’m walking you through the three pillars of platform building for multifamily syndicators. I explain WHO should consider building a platform and WHY it’s so valuable, describing how it helps us find more investors, do more deals and scale the business.

I discuss how to attract your ideal investor and then serve them with valuable content, ultimately turning your audience into raving fans who want to invest with you. Listen in for insight on reinvesting a portion of your revenue to grow a multimillion-dollar syndication business and learn how a thought leadership platform can help you 10X your capital raise in just 18 to 24 months!

Key Takeaways

Who should consider building a platform to raise money for syndications

  • You’ve raised at least $500K but need more investors
  • You’re looking to 10X your capital raise capacity
  • You want to raise millions quickly and effortlessly

What a platform allows you to do as a multifamily syndicator

  • Automatically attract ideal investors
  • Do more deals, create more revenue
  • Reinvest in platform to attract more investors
  • Educate audience on real estate syndications

The 3 pillars of platform building for multifamily syndicators

  1. Attract right audience
  2. Develop raving fans
  3. Scale your business

Pillar #1: Attracting the Right Audience

  • Identify ideal client avatar (investor)
  • Capture leads with free lead magnet

Pillar #2: Developing Raving Fans

  • SERVE with content + LEAD to action
  • Promote message to grow email list

Pillar #3: Scaling Your Business

  • Make compelling offer that generates revenue
  • Reinvest portion of revenue (continue growth)

The ROI on building a platform to raise money for syndications

  • For every 32 leads, one ends up investing $70K
  • Each new investor generates $2,100 in acquisition fees
  • Reinvesting 25% will 10X capital raise in 18-24 months


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