Once you’ve exhausted your sphere of influence, where can you go to raise capital for multifamily deals? You might be surprised to learn that LinkedIn is one of the best places to connect with high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and introduce them to the benefits of apartment building investing.

Yakov Smart is the creator of LinkedIn Lead Enterprises, a platform designed to help business owners find clients on LinkedIn. An internationally recognized LinkedIn expert, Yakov teaches top CEOs, bestselling authors and real estate syndicators how to transform their LinkedIn profiles into priceless, relationship-building assets. Yakov is also the author of Disrupting LinkedIn: The Definitive Guide to Generating Leads, Receiving Referrals and Attracting High-End Clients Through Marketing on LinkedIn.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Yakov joins me to explain why LinkedIn is the best social platform for finding investors and raising capital for multifamily. He shares the biggest mistakes syndicators make on LinkedIn and walks us through his SPOT formula for finding leads through the professional networking platform. Listen in for Yakov’s insight on the tools available for building lists and learn how YOU can connect with the right people, send the right message, and scale your marketing efforts with LinkedIn.

Key Takeaways

Yakov’s take on the availability of capital for real estate

  • HNWI not on traditional social media channels
  • Use LinkedIn to find + educate right people

Why LinkedIn is the best platform for finding investors

  • Average household income = $115K
  • Use to expand professionally and build wealth
  • 40M direct decision-makers, 100M influencers

Why LinkedIn works well for raising capital

  • More interactive since bought by Microsoft
  • Make connections and learn on own time

How Yakov discovered LinkedIn as a lead source

  • Used to generate new business (software sales)
  • Market to hard-to-reach individuals

The biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn

  1. Being unintentional
  2. Profile not up-to-date, all about you
  3. Pitch everyone with same message
  4. Focus too much on content creation

Yakov’s SPOT formula for finding leads on LinkedIn

  • Start with your list
  • Position self as authority
  • Optimize for what THEY want
  • Transition relationship offline

The four ways to build lists on LinkedIn

  1. Free search
  2. Search by groups
  3. Sales navigator search
  4. Paid traffic

How to scale your marketing efforts on LinkedIn

  • Use AI to automate custom follow-up
  • Respond manually only when raise hand

How to convert investors from stocks to real estate

  • Use information-based marketing
  • Build LinkedIn groups

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