So, you understand the power of digital marketing to help you scale your multifamily syndication business. The question is, where do you start? What are the first steps to building an email list and attracting investors online?

Amy Porterfield is the award-winning digital marketing expert behind Online Marketing Made Easy and the creator of the Digital Course Academy. After seven years serving as the Director of Content Development for Tony Robbins, Amy became an entrepreneur herself and built a multimillion-dollar business teaching other people how to grow their own platform online. An authority in the realm of social media marketing, growing an email list and promoting and selling courses online, Amy is also the coauthor of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Amy joins me to explain why you need to build an email list, even if you have a strong social media following. She shares the simple steps you can take to attract investors with content and capture their email addresses with the right lead magnet. Listen in for Amy’s insight on using Facebook advertising to grow your audience and learn how to leverage digital marketing to scale your syndication business!

Key Takeaways

How Amy got into online marketing

  • Started career in corporate marketing (Harley Davidson, Tony Robbins)
  • Became own boss 11 years ago teaching how to grow online business

The mistakes Amy made early on as an online entrepreneur

  • Didn’t have expertise in niche
  • Didn’t have email list

How Amy decided what to create and who to serve

  • Got clear on expertise (social media, Facebook marketing)
  • Created very specific client avatar

Why an email list is better than social media followers

  • Algorithms change, you don’t own social platforms
  • You own email list + can use to build relationships

How to start building an email list from scratch

  1. Create content on consistent basis
  2. Create irresistible lead magnet (freebie in exchange for email)

How to choose your lead magnet

  • Must serve as INVISIBLE BRIDGE for audience
  • What avatar needs to know, understand or believe

How to get people to sign up for your email list

  • Use content upgrade strategy (if you loved…)
  • Make CTA on social posts, bios, podcasts and blogs

What to do if you don’t consider yourself a writer

  • Commit to one medium (e.g.: podcast or video)
  • Don’t try to be perfect, just show up consistently

The benefits of podcasting as a medium

  • Easier than writing or video, keep attention longer
  • Podcast platforms promote content for you

Amy’s advice on Facebook advertising

  • Keep it simple, start with boosting post
  • Upload email list to target ‘lookalike audience’
  • Do it yourself before you hire someone else

Amy’s top tips for online marketing

  • Start with mindset (i.e.: set small goal of 250 on list)
  • Simplicity is your friend

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