Raising capital for multifamily real estate deals strikes fear in the heart of many an aspiring syndicator. But what if you didn’t have to chase leads? What if you could ATTRACT high-net-worth individuals and bring in investments of $100K (or more!) with a single phone call? It IS possible, provided you commit to consistent content creation and position yourself as a thought leader in the space.

Hunter Thompson is the Managing Principal at Asym Capital, a real estate investment firm that helps clients build a diverse portfolio around low-risk cashflow production. With nearly 10 years of experience in fund management, Hunter is a prolific writer on the finance of commercial real estate and the host of Cash Flow Connections. His new book, Raising Capital for Real Estate, teaches aspiring operators the art of establishing credibility, attracting investors and funding deals at scale.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Hunter joins me to share his experience raising capital for real estate deals and building a thought leadership platform to attract passive investors. He explains how to get started with content creation, what to do if you’re not a great writer, and why content is crucial if you want to scale. Listen in for Hunter’s insight on picking a niche that fits with who you are—and learn his process for building an infrastructure that attracts and nurtures high-net-worth investors.

Key Takeaways

Hunter’s journey to multifamily investing

  • Stock market volatility motivated to try real estate
  • Raise capital for opportunities across asset classes

What Hunter looks for in a joint venture partner

  • Best-in-class operators with $100M under management
  • Systems in place but haven’t built out investor relations

Hunter’s experience of writing Raising Capital for Real Estate

  • Wrote in < 3 months, editing process takes much longer
  • Outlines process of creating platform to attract investors

Hunter’s advice on how to get started with content creation

  • Brainstorm list of 100 potential articles and rate top 10
  • Identify and mimic industry leaders for topic ideas

What to do if you’re not necessarily a great writer

  • Practice regularly, build up to 1K words per hour
  • Ask friend to interview you and transcribe with Rev

How to develop a commitment to consistent content creation

  • Start small and schedule 1 post every 2 weeks
  • Consider blocking off time to batch content

Hunter’s take on why content is important

  • Scalable way to attract + nurture new leads
  • Build credibility, close with single phone call

How to define the kind of investor you want to attract

  • Biproduct of being yourself
  • Don’t try to appeal to everyone

Hunter’s process of building a thought leadership platform

  • Started with writing articles in 2013
  • Add podcast in 2016, book this year

Hunter’s advice for starting your own real estate platform

  • Pick a niche (okay to pivot later)
  • Use free content to get leads into infrastructure

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