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P.S. While you’re waiting, I have a video blog post that you may find very interesting.

It’s called “How Much Should I Invest to Acquire New Investors?” and it answers that question.

But it also gives you something even more interesting: a business plan that shows you how you can raise $26M in the next 2 years – just by implementing the Platform Builder™ Framework.

It’s magic – and it has worked for us at Nighthawk – allowing us to raise $12M in the first 12 months of implementing the platform – and it’s also working for many other capital raisers.

Through the workshop we remove any kind of mystery about how to create a platform – because we do it with you – and you’ll be done in just 60 days.

Anyway, check out this video because I think you’re really going to like it:

Watch video “How Much Should I Invest to Acquire a Multifamily Investor?”

Ok, talk to you soon!