Wish you could attract an audience of engaged, eager investors like we do at Nighthawk Equity? Have you thought about building a thought leadership platform but rejected the idea because you’re not a writer or a techie? Or because you don’t like the way you look or sound on camera? Are you ready to get over those false beliefs and scale your capital raise in a matter of months?

Patricia Sweeney is the Marketing Automation Consultant behind Ideally Media Group, a firm that helps entrepreneurs and business owners implement content marketing systems to attract more of the right clients and significantly increase their revenue. With 10-plus years of experience in online marketing, Patricia has been the secret weapon behind some of the biggest names in the digital marketing space. She is also part of the Michael Blank team, working hands-on with the students in our Platform Builders program.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Patricia joins me to discuss the limiting beliefs that stop syndicators from building an online thought leadership platform. She explains why you DO have time and why you CAN justify the investment, describing how our students are attracting new investors—sometimes even before the program is over! Listen in for Patricia’s insight on avoiding the biggest mistakes syndicators make in building a platform and learn how YOU can scale your capital raise through our Platform Builder Incubator.

Key Takeaways

The advantages we have around platform building in 2020

  • EASY to get message to many through social media
  • Tech never more powerful or easier to use
  • Outsource tasks to highly qualified global VAs

What limiting beliefs stop syndicators from building a platform

  1. I’m not a techie or a writer
  2. I don’t have the time
  3. I can save money by doing it myself
  4. I can’t justify the investment

Why you DO have time to build a thought leadership platform

  • Delegate/automate production and distribution
  • Don’t have to become digital marketing expert

Why you aren’t really saving money by doing it yourself

  • Time = precious resource, better spent finding deals
  • Focus on what drives business forward (raise capital)

Why you CAN justify the investment in building a platform

  • Leverage content marketing to attract more investors
  • Reinvest 20% of revenue and SCALE UP capital raise

The biggest mistakes syndicators make in building a platform

  1. Thinking you only need a website
  2. Not having a lead magnet
  3. Not communicating with your list
  4. Trying to do everything at once
  5. Striving for perfection

My advice on avoiding overwhelm in building a platform

  • Build core platform as foundation
  • Layer on one lead gen program at a time

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